St Mark's Square, Venice

Venice in a Day

Are you planning a trip to Venice? I went in May 2015 and had a great time. Here are some suggestions for what to do in a day in Venice. Enjoy!


Option one:
St. Mark's SquareHead to St. Mark’s Square. Once in the city, follow the “San Marco” signs attached to buildings. If you intend to go into St. Mark’s Basilica, either leave your bags in the hotel or be prepared to leave them in Ateneo San Basso, which we couldn’t actually find, despite the map outside the Basilica. Ladies also need to remember to keep those shoulders and knees covered or risk being turned away.

If you’re feeling extravagant, have a coffee break and sit inside at Caffè Florian (one of the cafés with the orchestra outside). Be warned that you pay €6 for the privilege of listening to the music, and the food and drink are very expensive, but the little room is so lavishly decorated that it almost seems justified.

One of the many gondolas to be spotted in VeniceAfter this, take a stroll and find a side canal with gondolas parked up. Take a trip in this quintessentially Venetian mode of transport. Prices are officially fixed at €80 for 40 minutes, which is the standard journey length. This may seem expensive, but a gondola can take up to 6 people, so if it’s out of your budget, why not see if you can share. You can also tack on an additional 20 minutes for €40 (prices verified in May 2015).

In the evening, head to San Polo or Cannaregio and sample Venice’s answer to tapas: cicchetti. Be prepared to end up scratching your head at some of the locations: they are pretty well hidden!



Option two:
Stash that travel guide in your bag… or better still leave it in the hotel. Go and explore Venice the way it should be done: by going for a wonder, getting lost and getting a sense for the real Venice. When we did this, we got lost somewhere in northern Venice and thought we were getting back to the tourist trap when we started to hear a rumbling of noise. But it wasn’t the tourists, it was a group of Venetian children celebrating a birthday party, which was arguably one of the best things we saw in Venice.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Venice! Have you been recently? What else would you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Venice in a Day

  1. Great advice! Wandering through Venice is a real treat and one not to be missed as you see a bit more of the heart of the city, not just its highlights! Great post!


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